Everbody can DIET – CHANGING your Life is difficult

Coach Al Fitness

DIET what does it even mean and why is everbody doing it?

Coach Al gave a presentation to a room full of really busy people and presented his views on how to take charge of your diet and eventually of your life.

WHY making HEALTH your priority is a GREAT idea (not Diet) and HOW TO do it.

What is it all about?

A brief description about what the focus points of this presentation will be. Touching on the current state of the world, explaining the vocubalury and framing the issue to get on common ground before diving into the subject.

Overweight/ Obesity:

In four quick slides i will present the current facts and definitions about Overweight / Obesity before i explain the Cause and Consequences to the human body and your life.

  • Facts
  • Definition
  • Cause
  • Consequences

Solution (to a global problem)

A quick stab into what could be solutions to solve a global problem. The questions circle around letting government agencies or the industry make the decisions for you or would you rather take charge and be the responsible party for your own future.

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Why am I so soft in the middle Or How did I get here?

Interestingly most people know they have a problem and how they got to that point in life. Yet you’d be surprised about the most common challenges as of a study made by precision nutrition with over 10’000 clients of theirs.

Putting it together – Action Plan for your diet

Coach Al doesn’t just phrase and raise an issue and leaves you in the ditch. Here is an action plan for you to incorporate in your life and start changing what doesn’t seem to be right.

  • 10 Rules of good Nutrition
  • PN Plate
  • Calorie Control
  • 5 Habit Cheat Sheet
  • 21 Superfoods
  • 3 Prep Strategies
  • Minimum Effective Dose
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